How do I place order for products ?

To purchase products from our online store, you simply need to visit the treatment page you are interested in to read the given information. Once you have verified the product and is sure about its effectiveness, you can add it to your shopping cart to proceed purchase. Fill the required information regarding the shipment along with billing details to get your order delivered shortly.

What are your dispatching rules ?

We dispatch medications to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and UK. In case your products encounter any issue with local custom authorities, we are not liable for charges incurred henceforth.

After placing the order, how long do I need to wait to receive the products ?

It usually takes 2-7 days for the products to reach any address in UK. Besides UK, the products could take up to 14 days to deliver to any address in a country mentioned in the list of countries above.

In case I have an issue with the order, what am I supposed to do ?

If you have any issue with the dispatched order, the best thing you can do is to raise a ticket on Contact Us section of the website. You can also reach us via mail to let us know about the issue. To sooner you get in touch with us, the more time we have to address your problem.

Is my information safe ?

We undertake dealings in compliance with Data Protection Act. We do not compromise on security and keep your personal information confidential. Our main priority is to keep your information safe and secure and for this purpose we strive dedicatedly to make our platform robust and secure.

Are all your products safe and licensed ?

Yes, all products that we sell are absolutely safe to use and are licensed by the Government of the UK. Each product that we supply undergoes strict testing method and is quality certified. Besides, we do not sell untried or unlicensed products.

Is it possible to prevent erectile dysfunction?

Yes. It is possible to remove this problem if you keep in mind the factors such as reducing the risk factors for heart disease, getting or maintaining a desirable weight, eating a balanced diet, quit smoking, drinking less or no alcohol, keeping the cholesterol and blood pressure in control, keeping in touch with the physical activities, and so on. If all these factors are reduced, so will be the risk of ED. These are the natural remedies to overcome the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Is ED a normal part of ageing?

No, it is not always necessary that it will happen only when you are senile or getting to that stage. Though it is true that older men require more stimulation such as stroking or touching to reach an erection, but it is not necessary that they will stop getting an erection once they reach a particular age. It depends from body to body.

How can this problem be treated?

There are numerous ways to treat the ED problems such as – sex therapies, oral medications, penile injections, surgeries and medications. Every treatment has its own advantages and limitations, so the best thing is to talk to your doctor when you are baffled while making the decision.

How successful are the medications in treating the ED problems?

These medications are one of the leading resolutions for the males who are suffering from the impotency problems. These tablets can be effective as they have minimum side effects.

Is the ED treatment covered under insurance?

It all depends upon the type of treatment that has been prescribed to the patient. In case there is a documented medical condition that is shown using the prescription, then insurance will usually covers some of it. Though, the sex therapies and the medications are usually not covered or approved by FDA. So, in this case you need to ask your insurance provider if the treatment will be covered under the insurance policy or not.

What are the psychological causes of ED?

There are various causes such as relationship conflicts, stress and anxiety, depression, sexual boredom, unresolved sexual orientation and so on. These psychological causes are the main determinants behind the erectile dysfunction problems.

How can the problems of ED be prevented?

The customers should have a healthy lifestyle, should quit smoking and drink less alcohol or in moderate quantities. Indulge in regular aerobic exercises and follow a low fat diet. 

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